2 december 2014 - Novadem unveils its positioning technology allowing automatic inspection of structures

Novadem unveils the result of its research in UAV autonomous inspections. The LPS technology of Novadem (Local Positioning System) allows for the first time to perform fully automatic inspection of structures without GPS coverage.

The Novadem LPS technology is close to the GPS technology but instead of using satellites, it uses terrestrial beacons which create a local positioning network under the structure. As a result, the solution is fully independant from the satellite coverage with unreached capacities so far :

  • A positioning precision of 10 centimeters in the three dimensions.
  • A fast acquisition with 25 measures per second.
  • A constant quality of measurement and constant signal availability.
  • A position measurement independant from the evolution area (brightness, type of surface,…).
  • A user-specified origin of measurement.
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    LPS Technologie


    LPS technologie

    9th to 11th december 2013- International conference "RPAS CIVOPS" - Brussels

    Novadem has attended at the international conference about micro-RPAS and civil applications which was an opportunity to talk about visual inspection with a feedback of our customer experience. This conference, organised by the UVS International association, gathered during three days hundred or so people working in the RPAS sector (operators, insurance companies, academics, payloads manufacturers) in order to share experiences feedbacks and to think about the development of the sector (european RPAS roadmap, current and future regulation, current bottlenecks).

    RPAS Bruxelles

    10th to 12th october 2013 - NOVADEM exhibits to the 120th Fire Fighters National Congress in Chambéry

    NOVADEM, among 450 other exhibitors, exhibited to the 120th Fire Fighters National Congress which took place in Chambéry. This congress, considered as one of the most important professionnal event in France, allowed NOVADEM to display its range of UAV and in particular the NX110 specifically design to address transportability and speed in implementing constraints inherent to emergency services.

    Among the 50 000 visitors who visited the Congress, many decision-makers focused on the NOVADEM UAVs proving once again the interest of this profession by this technology.




    Pompiers Chambery

    Congrès Pompier Chambéry 2013

    Congrès Pompier Chambéry 2013

    August 2013 - Automatic detection of vine diseases

    Novadem, in partnership with the Agrosup laboratory and Global Sensing Technologies, has completed the first part of a project in collaboration with the BIVB (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne). Objective of this project: automating the detection of the « Flavescence Dorée », a vine desease causing loss of important crops and the consequences of which can be irreversible for the sustainability of the vineyard.

    Data acquisition was carried out by the U130 while the systematic analysis of images was carried out by innovative algorithms based on neural networks allowing to automate the detection and anticipate the onset.

    The results of this project will enable our customers to benefit from the latest technology to meet the growing demand of the wine sector.


    Mission results:

    Vigne drone



    July-August 2013 - 120 kilometers of automatic navigation in urban environments

    Novadem has just completed 120 kilometers of automatic flight in urban environments in the DECSA project. This project funded by the French General Delegation for Armaments, with EADS Astrium as leader, will enable the development of perception and navigation algorithms for UAVs in urban environments. The implemented technology comes from the spatial and will eventually allow micro-UAVs to navigate in difficult areas without using GPS.





    June 2013 - The IRCAM completes the range of U130 accessories

    After the rotor shields, the auxiliary digital receiver, the ultrasonic rangefinder or laser sight, the IRCAM joins the family of optional accessories available for the U130.

    The IRCAM is a thermal camera composed of two spectral channels (one in the visible range and one in the thermal infrared range). It is possible to remotely switch between the two cameras and to configure the type of representation of the thermal image. The captured images are stored in the UAV and accessible via an SD memory card. The temperature of the image center is displayed on every image.

    The IRCAM, entirely developed by Novadem, meets needs expressed in different professions: detection of thermal leaks or defects on photovoltaic panels to name a few.

    Image samples :




    20th June 2013 - Presentation of the report on harmonization of the UAV legislation to the European Commission

    On the occasion of the Paris Air Show 2013, Novadem attended the ceremony of the European RPAS Roadmap submission regarding the European certification of UAV. The event took place at the Gifas chalet and officially marks the submission of the file to M. Philippe Brunet at the head of DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.


    EuropeLe BourgetGIFASUVS



    13th June 2013 - 1st prize of the contest "Exportez-vous! "

    On the occasion of the exhibition Classe Export held in Marseille in June, Novadem was rewarded with the first prize of the "Exportez-vous!" contest organized by the Club CIC International and Classe Export. The jury composed of experts was impressed by the international development strategy proposed by the company and awarded it the first prize.

    Classe ExportClub CIC



    10th and 11th April 2013 - 10th edition of the Aerial Fire Fighting in ENSOSP

    Novadem exhibited at the 10th edition of the international conference on the use of air assets in the fight against forest fires, organized by the competitiveness clusters Risk and Pegase as well as the SDIS 13.

    Held every two years on the European continent, AFF 2013 was hosted for the first time in France on the educational site ENSOSP on 10th and 11th April.

    More than 200 people from 25 countries attended the event which proposed two days of conferences, an exhibition space bringing together thirty manufacturers exposing their solutions as well as a static demonstration of air assets dedicated to fire fighting.



    22nd February 2013 - Novadem, co-founder of EDEN PACA cluster with four other regional companies

    At the initiative of the French General Delegation for Armaments, five SMEs of the PACA region, among which Novadem, gathered to create the regional cluster for Defense, Security and Safety, EDEN PACA (European Economic Defense Network). EDEN PACA is the fourth regional association of the National Federation EDEN.

    With approximately 100 SMEs, representing more than 4500 employees and € 600 million of turnover, a large part of which realised out of our frontiers, EDEN is the first French Defence SMEs cluster. Pascal ZUNINO, C.E.O of Novadem, becomes vice president of EDEN PACA.



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