CG13 01/12/2010 N°202

Novadem sees high

"... A jewel of electronical and mechanical technology making shots and thermal readings."

Muriel Ruiz

Air cosmos 17/09/2010 N°2232

The hope of French small drones - Novadem, micro high-end

"Novadem does not aim at the economy, but at the innovation and high-end. The four years of R & D saw the registration of two patents and the development of a product coming in several variants."

Anne Musquere

La Provence 30/04/2010 N°4703

Novadem manufactures mini-drones that do the maximum

"Their drone is actually a very, very small helicopter with four rotors of two blades each. Transportable in a cylinder of 60 cm and 20 of diameter, it weighs 1.5 kilogram."

Thierry NOIR

Air cosmos 27/11/2009 N°2196

Innovative sensors for Minidrones

"The small company Novadem was worth the detour in Milipol. His quad-rotor NX110, intended to emergency missions, is distinguished by its ergonomics - ordering in a quiver, implementation with a touch screen..."

Anne Musquere

La Provence 15/07/2009 N°4414

A passion for flying machines

"The key to success? Passion and tenacity. As long as there is enthusiasm…"

Jean-Luc Crozel

Les Echos 19/06/2009 N°20448

Mini-drones at a mini-price for the future infantry

"There are indeed dozens of minidrones projects among the giants of defense industry (EADS, Thales, Sagem) but also [..] Novadem"

Philippe Desfilhes

Capital 01/08/2008 N°203

Innovations that will change our life

“Mini-drones will play spies above our heads [...] To replace the helicopter over-flights in war zones, soldiers will soon be able to use a UFO with a wingspan of one meter and 1.5 kilos, called CPX4”

Vincent Nouzille

La Provence 24/06/2008 N°4028

Small companies know innovate

"Category patent" prizes have rewarded the company Novadem in Meyreuil (France,13)"


PSE 01/02/2008 N°59

Novadem example

"Impressive track record for Pascal Zunino and Fabien Paganucci, 26 years old, co-founders of Novadem. In record time, they were able to go from the miniature drone project, the NX110, to its pre-industrialization and soon, its marketing.”

Dominiqe Fonseque-Nathan

La Tribune 12/11/2007 N°3787

Novadem scales down drones

"Its wingspan is close to 1 meter, weight 1.5 kg, speed 10 meters per second. But Novadem quad-rotor drone NX110, with a core full of cameras and sensors, especially attracts by its practicality: its four blades fold to ease its transport in a shock resistant casket.”

Jean-Christophe Barla

Le Figaro 16/06/2006 N°19243

The beautiful human story of CPX4 mini drone

"The CPX4 aimed at the infantry who wants to go and see the other side of a dune as well as the fireman mission. It can also carry a sensor to take measurements of radioactivity or toxic risks.”


Ca m'Intéresse 01/11/2005 N°297

Guardian angels for engineering work

"Designed by a young engineer of Grenoble, Pascal Zunino, this mini "robocopter" has won on September 15, an international competition organized by the General Delegation of Armament (DGA) and the National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research (Onéra)"

Philippe Psaila

Le Dauphiné 27/10/2005 N°18960

A start-Up for drones

"Passionate by microdrones, Pascal Zunino […] has every intentions of finding descendants for CPX4."


Capital 01/09/2005 N°168

Minidrones to check the structures of engineering work or to monitor road traffic

"Designed by students of Grenoble, this four rotors mini drone directly projects the images it is filming in its head-mounted display put on by pilot at the joystick controls.

Etienne Gingembre

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