Our Mission

Novadem first objective is to supply innovative solutions in the electronics and micromechanics development. The strong technological complementarity of its team (Aeronautics / Mechanics / Electronics / Computing) enables the company to handle projects as a whole. Mainly oriented toward embedded systems where the constraints of weight, obstruction and consumption are major issues, Novadem responds by a well-advised expertise and an industrial vision of its products.

Our Activity

Since 2006, Novadem builds on its skills to develop its own products designed for aerial robotics (UAV/drone). Its knowhow in engineering is now recognized by several manufacturers who relied on Novadem during their development cycle. Novadem has acquired a technological and industrial mastery enabling it to ensure the highest level of quality in its business.


Our expertise

For over 5 years, Novadem build on its skills and reactivity to offer solutions in:

Study and development :

- Electronic conception (design, routing)
- Signal processing (Filtering, sensors)
- Servomechanism and Navigation
- Computing (real time video, Graphic user interface)
- Mechanics (CAD, strength of materials)
- Aeronautics (aerodynamic optimization, propeller conception)


Prototyping :

- Micromecanics (Creation on conventional and numerical control machine)
- Composite (Fibreglass, Carbon,  Kevlar)
- Thermoforming (PET, ABS, ...)
- Electronics (SMD conception)
- Numerical simulation


Service :

- Training
- Maintenance
- Consulting
- After-sales service


Production :

- Production management
- Assembly / Mounting
- In-flight test


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