S90 - Photo/Video

U130 - Inspection

NX110m - Defense & Security

The S90 is designed for professional photography and video broadcast.

With his gyrostabilized video payload, the S90 provides perfect image quality in all situations. Simple to use and quick to deploy, the S90 is a professional solution for your aerial images.

The U130 satisfies your specific needs of visual inspection.

Thanks to its removable payload and specialized features, the U130 is an efficient and easy to use tool for technical inspection.

Intended for defense and security markets, the NX110m responds to reconnaissance missions requiring quick and efficient action.

Easy to transport and use, the NX110m fulfills the needs of the most demanding missions. Its imaging day/night (NIR / LWIR) and measuring (gas / radiation / pollution…) systems enable its use in a wide range of applications.

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