The NX110m

Intended for military market, the NX110m is specially designed to satisfy the dismounted solider operational requirements. Fast to implement by a single operator and easy to use, it equips teams with the best available technology. The NX110m is modular thanks to its removable payload and quickly adapts itself to the various encountered mission:

  • Close-range reconnaissance: Real time decision making, day and night information gathering
  • Mapping : Geo-referenced pictures and video recording
  • IED location : Detection and identification of improvised explosive devices
  • Combat in urban area : stationary surveillance, search of sniper



    Save time

    The unique ergonomic developed alongside the operational staff promotes the best possible use to save a valuable time during the mission.

    The NX110m folding structure ensures an easy transportation through a reduced mass and a compact size. The NX110m fast deployment and ease to use guarantee an unparalleled reactivity


    The soldier remote eye

    The NX110m offers the infantry an overview of the land, a higher and more accurate view of the situation. Real remote eye of the soldier, the NX110m contributes to enhance his abilities and strengthens the safety within the section.


    Details of NX110m features.



    The whole solution is made up of equipments specifically developed for the NX110m :


    Details of associated equipments.


    The NX110m system

    The NX110m solution designed for the army is composed of:

  • A tactical kit : two drones / control centre / software / associated equipments
  • A complete training: theoretical and practical
  • Maintenance in operational condition : spare parts kit, technical support
  • Novadem provides a scalable complete solution to meet the defence markets’ requirements. Our unique expertise guarantees the solution highest level of technology.



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