Close-range reconnaissance

Ideal for scout missions, the NX110m embodies the soldier remote eye.

Light and easy to carry, it does not constitute an obstacle during moves on the field.

Its 360° vision performs a remote observation without requiring to get exposed. The NX110m limits the troops direct exposure in situations where the acquisition of information is necessary.

Its removable payload can easily be changed on the spot to adapt to all missions both day and night.


Combat in urban area

Extending the infantry line of sight, the NX110m is a robust and efficient equipment providing an overview of the situation.

His abilities of observation in the whole space and details enlargement make accessible numerous information hidden from the sight of ground.

Ideally suited for surveillance and intelligence missions, the NX110m flexibility of use allows it to move with ease in urban areas.

Its small size and low level of noise guarantee a high discretion during missions of enemy detection or target tracking.



Able to quickly generate a representation of its environment in unknown area, the NX110m has geo-location functions essential to reconnaissance missions.

The information collected using its various sensors are transmitted and recorded in real time. Able to fly at over 300m high, it informs the operator on:

- The elements present on the field

- The target precise location

- Areas dangerous or difficult to access


IED Location

The NX110m intervenes in the most delicate missions to remove any doubt in hostile environment.

Able to hovering, it assists the teams in their search and location of improvised explosive devices (IED).

Made upstream, the NX110m intervention promotes the active forces safety when moving on the field thanks to the remote analysis of the environment and intelligence.

The NX110m fast deployment and ease of use are decisive qualities in these sensitive missions.


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