The U130 solution

The U130 is a multipurpose tool of aerial shot and measure intended for inspection and photography experts. The U130 drone offers a performing and reliable solution to satisfy the following needs:

  • Visual inspection: high-resolution pictures / HD video
  • Precision topography: 3D terrain survey, orthophoto (<1 cm)
  • Infrared inspection: energy balance / research of anomaly
  • Aerial photography: high-resolution pictures / mosaicing / panoramic

    U130 Best in class in technical inspection



    Easy to use

    Not requiring being an experienced pilot, the U130 provides an immediate new dimension to our customers business. Thanks to the U130 fully assisted and automated piloting, the user can focus on his expertise. The drone is a new tool to improve efficiency. Its simplified set up as well as its ease of use enables new users to be operational from the first missions.


    Designed for you

    The U130 makes possible for our customers to safely exploit the aerial dimension and to gain in efficiency.


    Details of U130 Features.


    Unique equipment

    The whole solution comes with specific equipments developed for the U130:


    The GCI interface offers both a control on the drone and on the mission progress. It integrates radiofrequency transmission, control unit and GCS software (navigation, exploitation video, and piloting).


    The NC3 charger is specially designed to simplify its use and to ensure a perfect maintenance of the U130 batteries. It simultaneously charges 3 batteries in every situations thanks to its 220-110VAC and 12-24VDC integrated power supply.

    Sac à dos U130

    To easily transport all the equipment on man’s back, the U130 can be taken apart and put in the backpack with all its equipments: GCI interface, NC3 Charger as well as 4 batteries.

    Details of associated equipments.


    The U130 pack

    The U130 drone is part of a complete solution designed to meet every expectations of our customers, divided into three categories:

    Material: drone / control station / software / accessories



    Training: theoretical and practical



    Maintenance and assistance: service / hotline / support

    This global solution enables our customers to exploit in the best conditions a revolutionary tool in order to gain in quality and efficiency. Work realised with the U130 drone ensures the best performances without any compromise.

    Our team of experts is also at hand to support you and meet your expectations. Contact us


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