Associated equipments

GCI Novadem
GCI Interface

The GCI interface offers both a control on the drone and on the mission progress. It integrates radiofrequency transmission, control unit and GCS software (navigation, exploitation video, and piloting). Designed to be easy to transport, the GCI ensures the operator optimal mobility.

Digital Camera

The U130 is equipped with a motorized gimbal on 180° according to the pitch axis and 30° according to the roll axis, which provide a complete cover of the field of view. This cradle allows receiving a digital camera of quality with a removable lens.

HD Camcorder

The video gimbal motorization (180° according to the pitch axis and 30° according to the roll axis) associated to dampers enable to get fluid and stable high quality videos. This gimbal allows receiving a full HD camcorder.

Chargeur NC3
NC3 Charger

The NC3 charger is specially designed to simplify its use and to ensure a perfect maintenance of the U130 batteries. It simultaneously charges 3 batteries in every situations thanks to its 220-110VAC and 12-24VDC integrated power supply.

Batterie UBAT

The U130 batteries have an intern memory to store every piece of information of charge and discharge in order to optimize their efficiency. A visual indicator on the battery informs the user about the charge level.

Récepteur dorne Novadem
Auxiliary Receiver

The auxiliary receiver makes possible, via USB, to receive on a second computer station (standard computer) the video flow as well as the drone telemetry data. This equipment permits to share the information collected by the drone with an unlimited amount of computer stations. 

Bouclier drone U130
Rotor Shield

The U130 drone can be equipped with rotor shields to increase the safety and to enable it to go into contact with surfaces. The shields are removable and can be easily taken off on the field.

Caisse drone U130

The U130 drone can be taken apart and be kept, equipped with its rotor shields, in a robust case with all its equipments: GCI interface, NC3 Charger, batteries...

Sac à dos drone U130

To easily transport all the equipment on man’s back, the U130 can be taken apart and put in the backpack with all its equipments: GCI interface, NC3 Charger as well as 4 batteries.

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