A solution tailored to close inspection needs

Adopted for more than five years by the main players in the field of structure inspection, the U130 micro-UAV is a real inspection and airborne measuring tool. The U130 micro-UAV solution integrates into the inspection process, from data acquisition in the field to  data processing and edition of reports.


U130 Novadem

An inspection tool committed to serve your business

The U130 micro-UAV is a tool that completes the range of tools traditionnaly used for structure inspection (aerial buckets, rope workers). It offers you and your clients numerous advantages throughout the inspection process, among which : 

  • Less risks’ exposure of your staff in the field,
  • A simplified logistics,
  • An important gain of time during data acquisition,
  • An inspection exhaustiveness, even in hard-to-reach areas,
  • A better follow-up of structure defects thanks to a precise data georeferencing,
  • A simplified data processing thanks to a dedicated software.
  • Operated by the main inspection players

    The U130 micro-UAV solution has become the reference for close inspection over the last few years. Major players in the field of structure inspection have chosen the U130 solution.

    Some prestigious missions have contributed to make the U130 the perfect tool for close inspection : the complete inspection of the Millau viaduct (highest viaduct in the world), façades survey in the Gravelines’ nuclear plant (north of France), inspection of numerous hydraulic structures or high-tension pylons for the french electricity company.




    More than a UAV, a complete inspection solution

    The U130 is a tool used for acquisition of data in the field. Novadem is aware that the main part of the work begins once back at the office with the processing of data, the interpretation and redaction of the final report for your client.

    This is why the U130 solution integrates technologies specifically developed for inspection and a one-of-a-kind software designed to facilitate the data processing.

    Technologies adapted to close inspection

    Security and quality : Novadem has never compromised on none of them. To guarantee a high level of security and the quality of your inspections, Novadem has developed specific technologies for the U130 :

  • Range finder : Get a real-time distance information between the U130 and the inspected structure. Ensure a mastered and uniform distance throughout the inspection.
  • Propeller shields : add an additional level of security by protecting propellers from contacts with structures. Assemble and disassemble propeller shields easily in the field.
  • Laser sight : project two laser points on the inspected structure to obtain a scale in the picture allowing to determine the size of detected defects.
  • Embedded digital video filter : detect easily defects thanks to the embedded digital video filter which highlights cracks’ edges in real time (from 0,1 mm).
  • Auxiliary receiver : get the video flow and telemetry data in real time on a second laptop. A second operator can consequently take care of the orientation of the gimbal and pictures’ triggering.
  • U130 Novadem

    A one-of-a-kind software designed for your business

    NovaEDITOR has been developed to facilitate the processing of your data after a close inspection.

    Get an exhaustive spatial representation of the structure, thus facilitating the visualisation and location of defects.  

    Annotate defects directly in the pictures thanks to customizable layers. A database of detected defects, integrating measuring information, is automatically generated.

    Export the database in different formats (CSV, DXF) allowing to use results with your usual processing chain (ex : AutoCAD®).

    Easily share the results with yours clients thanks to the integrated viewer.

    Download NovaEDITOR documentation


    The U130 CLOSE INSPECTION PACK is designed to answer all the needs of our customers by giving them access to a complete solution dedicated to their business. The solution is divided into three axis :


    Material: drone / control station / software / accessories



    NovaEDITOR : Complete software to make inspection and share results quickly.


    Training: theoretical and practical

    Maintenance and assistance: service / hotline / support

    This complete solution allows our customers to use in the best conditions this new tool that will change their business by obtaining a better quality and more efficiency. Novadem assists its customers at each step, from registration of the UAV to the Civil Aviation Authority, to insurance and technical aspects (upgrades, assistance).

    Our team of experts is also at hand to support you and meet your expectations. Contact us



    Download U130 documentation

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