Thanks to its strong technological complementarity (Aeronautics / Mechanics / Electronics / Computing), Novadem guarantees a complete technical and industrial mastery, from the design to the manufacture. 


Novadem fully develops all the electronics of its systems. Its expertise in terms of embedded electronics ensures a perfect control of every key function quality and performances: Inertial unit / Engine controller / Video management / Charger / Battery management / …




The NavSense® technology of inertial navigation developed by Novadem provides a unique quality of stabilisation and reliability in this product range. The performances of the automatic navigation allow fully automated flight, from the take-off to the landing. Therefore, Novadem drones become extremely easy to pilot thanks to the autopilot continuous assistance.



Graphical User Interface

Developed by Novadem, the ground station enables to control the mission progression. By integrating the customers’ expectations, this ground station has been conceived with very high ergonomics requirements. This guarantees an ease of use allowing the minimization of operators training. The ground station groups in a unique hardened system the GCS software of mission management, the manual methods of control as well as the facilities of radio frequency transmission.




The Ground Control Software (GCS) developed by Novadem ensures every function of preparation, management and control of the mission. With a real-time architecture, the GCS allows to easily view the video captured by the drone and its position on a geo-referenced map. The functions of mission preparation are also managed, with path editing and pre-programmed actions (shooting, points of interest...). All data processed by the GCS are geo-referenced and can thus be recorded, or shared with other geographic information systems (GIS).




Novadem maintains an effort of aeronautics optimization for its drones. The work particularly applies on the propellers which are specially developed for each drone. The propeller conception follows a complex process, from the digital wind tunnel simulation to the instrumented test bench qualification. This way, Novadem get the best performances for its drones.




Novadem fully develops all the mechanics of its systems. With a complete control of the conception process and industrialization, Novadem optimizes its products through the most efficient materials: carbon / titanium / 2017 aluminum / technical plastic.




Novadem also designs the composite parts of its systems. His expertise allows it to manufacture complex pieces in carbon / kevlar / fiberglass in order to optimize its products weight and solidity. The manufacturing of these composite components requires the study and creation of molds specially adapted to the composite stratification.



"Our commitment of continuous improvement ensures to our customers the highest level of technology, with no compromise. Novadem listens to the users to jointly design tomorrow’s products.."

Novadem team

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